A quick glimpse of Placencia, Belize

Take a quick peek at this quaint fishing village called Placencia, located at the very tip of the Placencia Peninsula, southern Belize. The village is known for its 4,000-foot narrow main street which is only for pedestrians.


Placencia is accessible by air or land from Belize City, as well as by ferry from Harvest Caye, a neighboring island.

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Roadtrip Rota

DRIVING aimlessly around the island of Rota is one of the most rewarding experiences on island, especially if it is your first time there and you came with a thirst for adventure. Upon your arrival, rent a car from the car rental companies outside the arrival area of the airport and as soon as you have your car keys, the island is yours. If you are adventurous enough to adopt a ‘follow the…

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A short respite at Tanapag beach

Satisfying a beach bum’s thirst on Saipan is not that hard, with the numerous pristine beaches available just minutes away from each other. Looking for a place to grab a quick lunch led me and a buddy to this serene beachside in Tanapag, just a few meters across from the church one day. Although the beach was located near a few residential houses, it gives the impression of being secluded in a sense…

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Lazy afternoon at Micro Beach

HOW many times have you taken off your shoes and walked barefoot on the beach? When was the last time that you picked up a stick and wrote messages in the pristine white sands? Or just sat on a grassy patch or on top of a rock as you watch the waves splashing on the seashore, or be an observer to a hive of activities all around you? I admit I often do…

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Secret cove beyond the rocks and waves

BELOW the rugged cliffs and ledges and beyond the rocky shoreline of Marine Beach at the eastern coast of Saipan is a cave-like spot that would catch the eye of adventurers. I’ve been to Marine Beach several times before but did not think that behind the huge rocks is a cove perfect for a photoshoot, until a week ago. The small cove is concealed and you won’t even know it’s there. The tide…

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Noonday respite at a coral beachside

THE short, rocky pathway that we were following one afternoon a couple of weeks back that was almost hidden by overgrown bushes at the far end of the green golf courses at the Coral Ocean Point resort in Koblerville ended in a small clearing, and the sight of clear blue skies and the vast sea greeted us. The sea glittered under the hot afternoon sun as I and two buddies surveyed the long…

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Cow Town Beach: Discovering a secret cove

IF you are looking for a long stretch of soft, sandy beach with gentle waves lapping on the shores, it is not the place you are looking for, but this beach located at the very tip of the southern part of Saipan is one of the island’s attractions that continue to draw in both locals and tourists each day. The remoteness could be one of its added attractions because unlike the other beaches…

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