Rainy afternoon at Bathsheba’s Beach and Soup Bowl

Bathsheba's Beach and Soup Bowl on a gloomy day in Barbados. Bathsheba's Beach and Soup Bowl in Barbados is named after the beautiful Queen Bathsheba, wife of King David in the Bible. I got the chance to stop by the beach on a windy, rainy day. The beach had a gloomy ambiance but it didn't stop people from wading in the shallow part of the water. The foaming waves attracted a couple of…

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639-mile road trip from New Orleans to Florida

I always love road trips especially when all I have to do is ride buses and enjoy the views from my window and get the short town to town stopovers along the way. Driving a 639-mile road trip from New Orleans to Florida for over 10 hours in a compact car is a totally different experience. Through the US ‘marshlands’ You can be in Orlando from New Orleans in an hour or so by…

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Windsurfing Saipan

Windsurfers get ready for a tournament at Micro Beach in Garapan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. In view is Managaha Island. (Raks) Windsurfing or sailboarding is one of the most famous all-year-round activities at the Micro Beach in Garapan. The Micro Beach is a popular hub for windsurfers from all over the world. The lagoon between Managaha Island and the shoreline is the best place for windsurfing. Windsurfing is good all year round but…

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A quick glimpse of Placencia, Belize

Take a quick peek at this quaint fishing village called Placencia, located at the very tip of the Placencia Peninsula, southern Belize. The village is known for its 4,000-foot narrow main street which is only for pedestrians.


Placencia is accessible by air or land from Belize City, as well as by ferry from Harvest Caye, a neighboring island.

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Changes in travel trends and prospects post-Covid-19

Post-Covid-19 travel trends Passengers head to the train station at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. Travel prospects for 2021 will be a whole new world with the covid-19 pandemic. This will be a year of "make-up travel" or "revenge travel." The year 2020 had been painfully life-changing for everything and everyone in the whole world and the travel industry is just one of those that were hit the hardest. Regular travelers…

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The day I was left so hungry in New Delhi

New Delhi, India has thousands of restaurants serving local and international food choices, but let me tell you of the day when everything was closed that left me so hungry. I'm usually open to new adventures while traveling, but my taste buds are not as daring and much slower to adapt to new and strange flavors. A couple of years back, a bus unloaded me and a buddy along with a bus full…

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Driving on the right wrong side of the road

Can you recall the horror when you drove for the first time on a left side traffic road and a big pickup truck suddenly emerges around the bend occupying what was supposedly your side of the road? Cars travel on the left side of the road at St. Kitts, Caribbean Islands. If you grew up and lived all your life in right-side traffic countries, it's a nerve-wracking experience. It's terrifying if you are…

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