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Indian food and more at the Palms

Nan Bread

It looked like a pot of white soup bubbling gently on top ofa stove, but the label says it’s hot tea. Curious, I stirred the pot and laddled  a small portion into a cup before bringing it to my lips to take a sip. And another sip. And yet another sip until my cup was empty.

mazala hot tea

It was good, kind of sweet with a blend of ginger and tea and other flavors I could not identify.
But Indian Mazala Tea is just one of the features being offered at the Palms Resort’s Pau Pau Bar & Terrace every Thursday night.
Start off from the salad bar or appetizers and dig into Indian potato salad, baked mussel or smoked salmon. Bite a piece of crunchy samosa and savor the delightful mix of ground beef, spices and herbs rolled into a wrapper.
Wander into the BBQ station and fill your plate with refried beans, fish, chicken tandori, Pilaf rice, grilled spicy beef and chicken, and more.
The highlight of Indian Night is the Nan bread and curry dishes, items that sum up the essence of Indian cuisine. Choose from lamb curry, beef curry or lentils as filling for the crispy, freshly-baked Nan bread.

smoked salmon

Try the rice pudding from the dessert station. It looks like any regular rice porridge but with a dash of cinnamon flavor which you will surely enjoy.
The banana bread and the and rice pudding they serve are Indian cuisine-inspired desserts, according to executive sous chef Habib Akbar. You just can’t shake your head and say no when you wander along the dessert station.  Everything is irresistible.
Cap your dinner with Mazala Tea, yogurt juice with strawberry, ice tea, sodas and other beverages.
Linger over your meal or get seconds if you can’t help it as local dancers and singers offer non-stop entertainment.
The Indian Night every Thursday is the latest addition to the theme nights at the Palms Resort, Akbar said.
Introduced to the public just this month, Palms Resort Saipan said the Indian Nights theme is one way of capturing not only the tourists but the local market as well.
“We want to offer diversified cuisines to satisfy our diners,” Akbar said.
He said that they may

Indian potato salad

vary some of the menu every week, except for the main dishes that characterize Indian dining.
“We would like to invite everybody to try Indian cuisine and be acquianted with its unique flavors which rely heavily on the use of vegetables, spices and herbs,” Akbar said.
Indian Night is open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays and costs $25 for adult and $12.50 for children.
Food and Beverage manager Cristina Lustre said that every night is theme night at the Palms Resort Saipan.

seafood salad

Be at the Paupau Bar & Terrace for Shabu-Shabu Night on Mondays and Tuesdays, Mexican Night on Wednesdays, Seafood Night on Fri
days, and Chinese Night on  Saturdays.
Smell something like herbs and spice that makes your mouth water? It’s Thursday! Make your way to the Palms Resort and get your fill of Indian cuisine.
For reservations, call (670) 322-3311.

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