Which kind (garage) online shopper are you?

couch.JPGOne man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Garage selling and online selling is fun but it comes with its own share of pros and cons. You get rid of stuff you don’t need or just take for granted, and pass it to other people who will value it.  You get to meet all kinds of people from different cultures and with different characters. You get to meet new people and develop friendships along the way. Here are some of the most common kinds of buyers/sellers online and you’ve probably met some or all of them. A lot of the buyers are good and sincere, until you get to meet the “others.”

No offense meant but here they are:

CHEAPY- You sell something real low, like 10 cents and they ask for discounts

HOARDER- They don’t really need the items, but they just want to buy anyways.

HOLD ME TIGHT. Hold it for me, I’m on my way. They promise they are coming in 30 minutes or one hour and you sit there waiting, saying no to all the other ‘suitors’ because you already gave your word and they don’t show up

OH PROMISE ME. They will tell you to hold on to an item because “I promise to really get that” and you never hear from them ever again, even if you see they’ve read your messages. They never pay any value to their words.

AMNESIAC. This is the sister of Hold me Tight and Oh Promise Me. They ask you to reserve an item, say they are picking it up and don’t show up. When you text to remind them they will say “oh shit, I forgot man, Just sell it to others.” That simple—for them

EXCUSE ME- It never ceases to amaze me how they come up with all excuses possible in the world for not showing up as they promised. “I was really going to get that but my car had a flat tire, had to pick up my kids, I was waiting for husband (only to find out they are single and literally waiting for a husband 😀

INVISIBLES. They are a ‘No show’, after you get pregnant with all the promises that they’re coming. And you never hear from them again. Until you post another item

TIME UN-CONSCIOUS-They promise you they will come at a specific time and you change your schedule, stay late or wake up real early for them and they never show up. Not even a text message to explain if they’re dead or what.

NEGOTIATORS- they are really good at negotiating until both of you are satisfied

SULKERS- they sulk if they don’t get what they want or when someone beats them to the item

JUST ONCE. One time buyers. They are good. They show up and buy when they want what you posted.

NUISANCE– They are just there as nuisance. Commenting, sometimes rudely but never buying anything

LET’S GET PERSONAL– these are the ones who communicate with you and starts asking personal questions about your work, address, etc. I’m not for sale so let’s stick to info about my items for sale, ok?

ENTREPRENUERS-They buy something from you real cheap and sells it higher to others.

FLAW FINDERS- They find flaws with everything you sell and never had any intention of buying anything anyways

SLIPPERY EELS- They are good buyers or sellers but their schedules and yours never meet and you never catch each other.

MARRIEDS- They are those who want an item you post soooo much but cannot decide on their own without holding a conference with their husbands/wives  even if the item costs just $3

MONEY THROWERS- They don’t really need the items but just have money to spare so they buy it

METICULOUS-These are the ones who inspect every inch of your item to make sure everything is ok and thinks twice and thrice before buying, even if it is just a $2 soap dish but most of them are nice.

DILLY DALLY-er. They want your item but takes so long to get it

“HOW MUCHy”-You put all the details in your post- description, location, sizes and prices and they comment or message you asking HOW MUCH for this, location, etc. LoL

BETCHES– this one has no plan of buying anything but they are always there to watch what people sell then ‘bitch’ about the item, rude nasty comments about the price and item

SERIOUSLY YOURS. These are the really serious buyers who doesn’t care how far you are or what time it is. (I sold my carpet to a regular customer who drove all alone from Koblerville at 1:56 a.m.)

EASY. They are a nice bunch of buyers who doesn’t nitpick and just buy what they want and never even blink at your price.

GENEROUS-these are those who sell their items at almost give away prices, so low that people are literally quarreling on line to get it first

Finally, you hit the JACKPOT. They are the reliable ones. They buy your item because they want or need it, they promise and the come and get it. If they are delayed, they send you a message. These are the buyers you want to hold on to because you know they are sincere. They even send thank-you messages after.

All familiar? Welcome to online selling and buying. Now you know which kinds of buyers you want to maintain or avoid. Meanwhile, I’m heading off to post  more assorted items. See you!

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