Are YOU HUNGRY AGAIN? me, too! lol kidding
New Site.  New Hosting. New Theme. New (and/or updated posts. New Look.
Same old Me.
I just transferred my old site (flavorsontheraks) to a new host and is starting all over again. Great to see you here. There’s a lot of construction going around the site but feel free to linger and taste the flavors captured on the roads, and everywhere else.
This is not a cooking site so please don’t expect recipes and demonstrations. I’ll leave all the cooking to the experts (I and the kitchen are not close friends :-D) but I eat (sometimes) and I love to take photos of food.

Hopefully, I am able to capture the images and flavors on the road and from everywhere else enough with my lens to share with you.
I’ve diverted from my previous site which used to be about restaurant reviews in Palau and on Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands since I’m not writing it for the newspapers anymore. A lot of the restaurants I’ve done reviews for have already closed, and new restaurants have sprung up. I am working to update the site on that.

Bites and Flavors (and from everywhere else) takes on a new little twist to being a ‘foodventures’ site. This is now all about my adventures with food and drinks, and by adventures, it includes the whole works– funny, embarrassing,  unforgettable, ignorance, and everything else about food and drinks.

Enjoy and browse around!