Of bikini strings and wardrobe malfunctions

The next thing I knew, my bikini strings got loose and started to dangle down my thigh. There were no restrooms around and I wasn’t about to just go into any restroom so I tried to ignore it

Wardrobe mishaps that occur while traveling comes in all forms and locations, and hits you just when you don’t expect it. One that stays in my memory forever happened in Bangkok, Thailand late one afternoon.

The Sathorn Unique skyscraper, or Ghost Tower in Bangkok.

My travel buddy and wanted to check off an item that was both in our bucket lists, and that was to climb the abandoned Sathorn Unique skyscraper that was popular for superb sunset and city views and resident ghosts, particularly on the 43rd floor where the body of a Swedish backpacker was found hanging from a bathroom.

After a mix of sky trains and tuktuk rides and more walking, we reached the area only to see it totally fenced off with warning signs to stop trespassers. There was a couple ahead of us who ignored the signs and climbed up a wall and were already slowly picking their way through the pile of debris. I heard that people have been climbing the fence or bribing some of the homeless inhabitants around to open a locked gate to the stairs.

  The Sathorn Unique skyscraper, popularly known to locals as “The Ghost Tower” was built in 1990 designed to be a luxury condominium tower with breathtaking views of the city and the Chao Phraya River but the whole project was abandoned during the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

We started looking for possible access to climb the crumbling walls. I know going up to the top on those flights of stairs was going to kill me but I was determined to get my sunset shot and also hoped for a chance encounter with some of the resident “ghosts.”

I found a handhold and foothold and was about to hoist myself up a wall when suddenly, I felt the string ties of my bikini on the right hip loosen.

Signs outside the Sathorn Unique skyscraper

The next thing I knew, the string started to dangle down my thigh. There were no restrooms around and I wasn’t about to just go into any restroom so I tried to ignore it.

I was wearing jeans, not skirts, otherwise, the whole thing would have fallen off at that would be most embarrassing.

I tried to ignore the uncomfortable feeling the dangling string was giving me, but it was hard. After an initial debate with myself, I let go of my foothold and told my buddy that we shouldn’t be trespassing. 

He was surprised at my sudden change of decision but didn’t push it. We headed to check out the street market which was also another popular destination.

Night market in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was already crowded with the early evening shoppers when we got there and we had to squeeze in between and around people to get through. 

I had a weird feeling that everyone knew of the predicament I was in. It was hard to walk normally with only half an underwear covering my insides so I started to pretend to inspect displays from the stalls to keep us on a slow walk. My buddy was more surprised because he knows I wasn’t really a big fan of shopping.

It took forever before we found a mall and I finally had the chance to go into a restroom to re-tie the loose strings. And the world felt normal again.

I never told my buddy of the dilemma I was in because I know he would never let me live it down, but he will now, after reading this.

Did I learn a lesson to wear sensible clothing while traveling? Of course not. I’ve had more wardrobe malfunctions following that, but nothing that serious. There are lessons that only adds to the fun of traveling.

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